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The Right Tree In The Right Place!

The City of Toronto has an estimated 6.1 million trees located on private property and have incorporated by-laws in order to protect them. These by-laws are important because trees have the ability to capture and store carbon dioxide caused by the burning of fossil fuels. Trees are aesthetically pleasing, help prevent soil erosion, add monetary value to a property, and are good for our health — both mentally and physically!

As certified arborists, we are committed to finding a tree that is tailored to thrive on your property. Some factors we consider are soil-type (i.e. sand / silt / clay), sun exposure (shade to full sun), property size, and your aesthetic preferences. We will source your tree from an accredited nursery and ensure that we supply and plant the best specimen available.

In the urban environment, the rule of thumb is “the right tree in the right place”!

If you have recently removed a tree from your property and are required as per the City’s Tree Protection by-law to have a tree planted in replacement, or you would just like to add canopy cover to your property, Evergreen Tree Care can help!

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