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Arborist Reports

What is an arborist report?

An arborist report describes in detail the physical attributes of one or more trees on a property. Information required in an arborist report includes the location, size, condition, structural integrity and vigour of a tree, as well as the presence of any diseases and/or infestations by pests.

In general, an arborist report will document the overall health of a tree and recommend ways to best preserve it during construction activities or, conversely, provide evidence to justify its removal.

Female arborist composing an arborist report in Toronto on trees

Types of arborist reports available in Toronto

Arborist reports can be divided into two streams: construction related, and non-construction related.

Non-construction related arborist reports are typically used to support the injury or removal of a protected tree. A homeowner may wish to remove a tree that is structurally unsound, hazardous, messy, or that is interfering with an existing building or deck.

Construction related arborist reports are used to both recommend ways to protect desirable trees on a property, and also support the removal of trees during construction activities. The goal of a construction related arborist report is to balance tree preservation and homeowner satisfaction in accordance with current Toronto Forestry Guidelines. Construction related arborist reports are more detailed than non-construction arborist reports.

The cost of an arborist report in Toronto depends on the scope of the project.

Who should prepare an arborist report?

An arborist report should be completed by an arborist certified through the International Society of Arboriculture (ISA Certified Arborist), or through the Ontario College of Trades. The staff of Evergreen Tree Care are committed to providing complete and accurate arborist reports to help you achieve your goals, based on the code of ethics prescribed by these professional organizations.

If you are planning a construction or landscaping project in Toronto, or wish to have a tree removed from your Toronto property, contact Evergreen Tree Care today and we will assess your needs and guide you through the permitting process.

When is an arborist report needed?

Within the GTA, certain trees are protected under the Tree Protection By-law, including:

A permit from Toronto Forestry is needed for any activity that could result in injury or removal of a protected tree. An arborist report is a required part of the permit application.

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